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Hi! My name is Keren and I am the very proud owner of West Island Speech Therapy. Here is a little bit about my history and some news for the future.

While I obtained my Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Linguistics from Concordia University, I developed an absolute love for languages and speech sound development. In 2001, I graduated from McGill University with a Masters of Science in Speech and Language Therapy. After obtaining my degree, I worked at a well-known private pediatric speech and language clinic in Montreal. During those incredible years, I was able to learn from experienced and specialized therapist in a nurturing and family-centered environment.

Once I moved to the West Island and started a family, I decided to stay close to home and to work privately. I was blessed with 3 wonderful daughters and a thriving private practice. One of my daughters became my very own special client as she required speech therapy off and on from the age of 3 to 6 years old. This experience allowed me to truly understand what it means to work with your own child!

Over the course of my career, I have given workshops on Childhood Apraxia of Speech to other Speech Pathologists in various institutions. I lecture at McGill for the graduate students in Speech Pathology on the same topic and I have developed a visual-tactile hand cueing system for long and short vowels to facilitate motor speech therapy.

In addition to being certified in The Lidcombe Program for stuttering, I am Hanen certified in It Takes Two to Talk and I have completed an intensive training course in Orofacial Myology. In 2018, I decided that it was time to give back. I wanted to create the opportunity for other clinicians to work in the environment that I had the privilege of working in many years ago. This desire coupled with the vision of providing a multidisciplinary environment for the families that I service, led to the creation of AccessAbilities Therapy Clinic. AccessAbilities Therapy Clinic opened in June of 2019.

I absolutely love my job. Seeing children succeed and helping families achieve their goals is so incredibly rewarding to me. Working closely with children and their families is my absolute passion!

SLP Team & Staff


Maria-Lisa Bozzo, M.H.Sc. (A), SLP (C)

Speech-Language Pathologist | Orthophoniste

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Joanna Wiles M.Sc., S-LP

Speech-Language Pathologist | Orthophoniste

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Josée-Anne Bécotte, M.A., S-LP

Speech-Language Pathologist | Orthophoniste

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Nadia El Hallaoui, MSc (A), S-LP

Speech-Language Pathologist | Orthophoniste

Are you interested in private practice?

At West Island Speech Therapy you can be a part of a stimulating team and on-going professional development.

You are a candidate if:

– You seek a flexible schedule

– Want to select your own clientele

– Enjoy the status and autonomy of an independent professional

– You are a member in good standing with the O.O.A.Q.

Please submit your resume and a cover letter. Only those selected will be contacted for an interview.

We look forward to hearing from you!